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Activity Books

Each publication below can be delivered as a PDF or as a beautiful, 32-page printed book delivered directly to your door.

The Puzzle Experience

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Unlock endless hours of fun and mental exercise with our sensational selection of wellness-themed puzzles, specifically crafted for seniors aged 55-70

Seniors can now stay sharp and engaged with our exciting range of wellness-themed puzzles, including crosswords, word search, sudoku, and worduku, all specifically crafted to exercise their logic muscles. Our puzzle collection promises hours of entertainment and stimulation, all while exploring different wellness themes. Experience the ultimate brain-boosting adventure!

Puzzle Experience
Colorful Fun!

Colorful Fun!

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Introducing Colorful Fun - the perfect solution for seniors aged 70-95 who are looking for accessible, engaging, and playful activities to keep their minds sharp and their spirits high!

Our expertly designed art projects and simple puzzles are tailored specifically for seniors living with cognitive decline, providing them with hours of entertainment and stimulation on various wellness themes. From memory games with exciting conversation starters to simple word searches and coloring pages that will transport you back in time, Colorful Fun is the ultimate way to spark magical memories and stay connected with your inner child. So why wait? Embark on a colorful journey of joy and discovery today with Colorful Fun!

Wellness Program Guide

Wellness Program Guide

Unlock the secret to optimal senior wellness with our revolutionary monthly Wellness Program Guide! Specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of seniors, our program guide goes above and beyond traditional dementia care activities to provide you with fresh, innovative, and easy-to-navigate ideas that will help you save time and achieve optimal results.

Whether you're looking for engaging activities that go beyond simple puzzles, or simply want to explore new and exciting ways to promote wellness and improve cognitive function, our comprehensive guide has got you covered

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Do your seniors just like one puzzle type? Review our Brandable Activity Packets for Selective Seniors

2023 Publication Themes

Every month we pick fun topics from the themes below to guide our publications that seniors love. It's not enough to print random brain games—you have to create publications that engage the mind if you want to stimulate the brain!

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