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Activity Books for Seniors,

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We design every page to delight seniors, support family caregivers, and promote organizations that serve them.

Senior with Colorful Fun
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  • What activities are included in the Ways 2 Wellness activity books?
    Our activity books contain a delightful variety of puzzles, including crossword puzzles, word searches, mazes, sudoku, trivia, coloring pages, and memory games.
  • Who will enjoy these activity books the most?
    The activity books are tailor-made for senior citizens looking to stay sharp and for caregivers seeking engaging ways to support their loved one's cognitive well-being.
  • Can I customize the activity books with my organization's branding and logo?
    Absolutely! We offer custom-branded books for businesses and organizations looking to promote their services while positively impacting seniors and caregivers.
  • How can I purchase the activity books? Are there different formats available?
    You can purchase our activity books on We offer two formats: physical books, available in bulk or on subscription, and printable PDF packets, conveniently delivered via direct download link.
  • Can I cancel my monthly subscription?
    Yes. You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time without penalty.
  • How many content pages do the activity books contain?
    Each subscription delivers 192 publications per year that contain engaging monthly content to stimulate seniors' minds and provide enjoyable reminiscing moments.
  • What are the benefits of incorporating activity books into a senior's daily routine?
    Using our activity books regularly can help improve cognitive abilities, delay the onset of cognitive impairment, and foster a sense of structure and stability for seniors.
  • How can caregivers make the most of the activity books with their loved ones?
    Caregivers can personalize the activities based on their senior's interests and abilities, setting attainable goals and encouraging social engagement during the exercises.
  • Do activity books help reduce stress and promote well-being for seniors?
    Absolutely! Engaging in relaxing activities like coloring pages and enjoyable puzzles has been shown to reduce anxiety and enhance mental well-being.
  • Are the activity books suitable for seniors with cognitive impairments?
    Yes! We have a publication called "Colorful Fun!" specially designed for seniors with cognitive impairments, featuring easy coloring exercises, with simple mazes, word finds, and stimulating memory activities.
  • How can organizations use customized activity books as promotional materials?
    By adding their branding and logo, organizations can use the books to promote their services while providing valuable and engaging content to seniors and caregivers.

We hope these FAQs provide all the information needed for visitors to our website. If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask! 🌟


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Our Clients & Partners
I am thrilled to share my heartfelt appreciation for Ways 2 Wellness and their exceptional custom-branded activities books. I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact these books have had on our seniors and community outreach efforts to hospitals, doctors' offices, and social workers.

Michele Allgood 

Owner and Founder
Gracious Living, Adult Day & Health Care Center in Huntersville, NC

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