Silver Program

Silver Program

Simplify your job with curated, engaging content designed by professional publishers and engagement consultants each week. Refocus your attention on your senior with custom-created event and dementia caregiving ideas, delivered to your inbox as printable PDFs.


Each month you’ll receive…

1. Wellness Program Guide (for professionals and caregivers)

2. The Puzzle Experience (For seniors who want to stay sharp)

3. Colorful Fun! (for folks struggling with cognition)


Every week, we’ll send a bonus edition of Colorful Fun! and The Puzzle Experience, alongside extra activities and ideas to keep your seniors engaged.


We designed these guides to simplify your job and help you easily create rich experiences for your seniors. We create every puzzle, project, and publication with intention and love for your senior.

 Programs Start June 2022 

  • Branding

    Publications in this program will be branded Ways 2 Wellness and include information about our programs. For custom-branded programs, purchase a gold-tier program.

Price Options
W2W Silver-Program
Annual Silver-tier
$150.00every year until canceled