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Senior Wellness Program

Simplify your planning with curated events, dementia care activities, and printable publications designed to delight seniors.

How Does This Program Work?

Step 1

We email printer-ready publications and a monthly program guide to your team.


Step 2

You print and share the publications.


(your community printer down the street can print these as books)


Step 3

You run the programs in the guide
(events and moments).


Step 4

You plan for next month.

How Can I Use This Program?

Community Engagement

Event programming drives community engagement across senior residential and senior community centers.


Dementia Caregiving

Our dementia care programming helps create magic moments between your staff and your senior(s) struggling
with cognition.


Program Planning

Plan far ahead with program guides available three months before the start date.


Promotional Campaigns

Custom-branded publications (Gold-tier) make promoting your organization's programs and services easy.

Program Benefits

Saves staff time

Use publications as a promotional tool

Curated content delivered


Custom-created content

Generous distribution license

How Can My Team Distribute The Publications?

Unlimited Print Distribution

Your organization may print as many copies as you like and distribute to your seniors /clients on location.

Unlimited Email Distribution (Gold-tier only)

You may email your custom-branded publications to addresses who have opted-in to receive marketing communications from your organization. Only available to Gold-tier clients.

Unlimited Direct Message
Distribution (Gold-tier only)

Like email, you may distribute your custom publications to your prospect list via social media direct message. Only available to Gold-tier clients

No Selling.

Clients may not make these publications separately available for sale.

Don't make it downloadable online.

You may use mockups of the publications (we can provide these) to share what you offer to your clients.

Enroll Today!

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