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Program Publications 

All subscribers get easy-to-print publications for professionals and seniors.

Explore the publications below, which we deliver via email.


Wellness Program Guide

The monthly Wellness Program Guide includes community event ideas and dementia care activities. The guide is packed with ideas and designed to be quickly navigated to help you save time.

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Easy-to-run Event & Dementia care Programming

Plug-and-play programming designed by senior engagement consultants.


Keep your community moving & focused on healthy nutrition.

Build on themes in the publications

Use the themes in the publications as a launch pad for entertainment.

Wellness Program Guide

The Puzzle Experience

Your seniors want to stay sharp and need a range of fun, playful, wellness themed puzzles and games to stay engaged. The Puzzle Experience was designed for folks 55-70, this book provides hours of entertainment and stimulation on wellness themes.

crossword (1).png


Classic puzzles with wellness themes, clued for seniors.

Word Search

Dive deep into the theme with these complex word searches



Work those logic muscles with simple and complex sudoku puzzles.

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Puzzle Experience
Colorful Fun!

Colorful Fun!

Seniors living with with cognitive decline need accessible, fun, playful art projects and simple puzzles.  Introducing, Colorful Fun!  Designed for folks 70-95, this book provides hours of entertainment and stimulation on wellness themes.

Coloring Pages

Easy-to-color images that spark memories.

Simple Search

Straightforward word search puzzles with wellness themes.

Memory Games

Games and engaging conversation topics help spark those magic moments.

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Our 2022 Wellness Themes


Every month we select topics from the themes below to create our puzzles, games, and art projects. These themes serve to reinforce healthy eating, movement, and mindfulness habits.

We share tips with our seniors on how to stay healthy in every edition. 

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