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Our Story

Welcome to Ways 2 Wellness!

Our journey began in January 2020, sparked by a heartfelt mission to enhance the lives of seniors and caregivers. Co-founders Michael Herrington and Mark Ulett, PhD, driven by a shared passion, were inspired by a CDC report highlighting loneliness and isolation as the second leading cause of illness and death among seniors.

When the pandemic hit, we faced a crucial choice: pause our mission or push forward with even greater resolve. We chose the latter, understanding that our support was needed more than ever. Our journey has been a testament to our resilience and adaptability.

In 2021, just as our print book distribution was expanding, we faced a significant setback due to disruptions in the paper supply chain. However, we swiftly adapted. We transitioned our print activity books to digital PDFs for local printing, showcasing our commitment to overcoming challenges. Approximately 283 days later, we triumphantly resumed printing, offering beautiful 32-page books alongside digital formats. It was a testament to our perseverance and the unwavering support and collective effort of our team, partners, and community.

Today, Ways 2 Wellness stands as a beacon of hope and innovation in senior care and well-being. Our customizable activity books and digital resources uplift, engage, and empower seniors and caregivers alike. Our dedication to making a positive impact remains unwavering as we look to the future.

Join us on our mission to create a world where everyone, regardless of age or circumstance, can thrive with dignity, purpose, and joy.

Thank you for being a part of our story!


The Ways 2 Wellness Team

We support local nutrition assistance programs!

Meet The Team

Mark Ulett

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President & Co-Founder

Marie TenHave

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Content Developer

Michael Herrington

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Executive Vice President & Co-Founder


Sonia Simpson

Production Manager

Aukland, New Zealand


Joan Ilagosa

Social Media Manager

Nairobi, Kenya

Michael Herrington - Executive Vice President _ Co-Founder.jpeg

Michael Herrington

President & Co-Founder

Pennsylvania, USA

Marie TenHave - Content Developer.jpeg

Marie Tenhave

Program Manager

Michigan, USA

Laura Murtagh

Laura Murtagh


New York, USA

Dr. Mark Ulett - President _ Co-Founder.jpeg

Mark Ulett, Ph.D

Advisor & Co-Founder

Montana, USA

Madison Apple - Graphic Designer.jpeg

Madison Apple

Graphic Designer

Montana, USA

Mercy Dumayag.jpg

Mercy Dumayag

Client Success Specialist

Caloocan City, Philippines


Kristy McGowan

Crossword Designer

Colorado, USA

K blonde cropped concrete blurred.png

Keynyn Brysse, Ph.D.


Alberta, Canada

Kate Johnston _ Edward Warble.jpg

Kate Johnston & Edward Warble

Musical Selection

South Carolina, USA


Jim Mackey

Business Advisor

South Carolina, USA

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