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Customized Activity Books for AAAs

Engage clients with customized activity books
that promote your programs and satisfy the terms of your grant-funded programs.

Engage clients with simple custom-branded activity books that provide cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits.

Experience the benefits of our engaging activity books and printable PDFs, which provide seniors with a means to stay sharp, engaged, and connected. Add customized inserts to prove to the regulators that you delivered on the terms of your grant.

Benefits for
Area Agencies on Aging

Other AAAs are using the power of custom-branded puzzle books to drive results with their team, their clients, and their growing programs.

Community Outreach

Share customized activity books during community
events to raise
 awareness about the services offered by the AAA.

Educational Workshops

Branded materials can serve

as valuable resources during sessions with seniors and families.

Caregiver Training

Caregivers will learn how to effectively use the activities to engage seniors and

improve their cognitive health.

Marketing and Fundraising

Show your agency's commitment to cognitive healtr and well-being for seniors.

Support Groups

Provide a way to facilitate conversation, relaxation, and bonding among participants.

In-Home Services

Enable your in-home caregiver teams to promote cognitive health activities during visits.

Explore Our Books

The Puzzle Experience


Seniors can now stay sharp and engaged with our exciting range of wellness-themed puzzles, including crosswords, word search, sudoku, and worduku, all specifically crafted to exercise their logic muscles.

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