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Activity Books for Seniors,
Customized for Brands

Custom-Branded Print-on-Location Activity Books for Brands

CUSTOM-BRANDED to promote your organization, these print-on-location PDFs are licensed for promotional use and distribution by in-home care locations, adult daycare, senior residential and community centers.

$49 Per Month 

​This includes

  • 192 Publications per year

  • Wellness Program Guide

  • Single-Activity Packets for Selective Seniors

  • 2-Click Delivery

  • Customized to build trust

Printed Book Bundles Save big when you buy in bulk! 

CUSTOM-BRANDED to promote your organization. Buy in bulk and save big. Flexible shipping and delivery options. Select your editions and themes after checkout.

Starting at $5.99Per Book 

​This includes

  • 32 beautifully designed books

  • High-Quality Materials

  • Pick Your THEMES - Trails Travel, Time Travel, Global Travel, or all! 

  • Pick Your EDITIONS - Puzzle Experience, Colorful, of both!

  • Flexible Shipping Options

All books are beautiful, dignified, 32-page publications.

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