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Customized Activity Books for In-Home Care

Keep employees happy and engaging productively with your clients all day, every day.

Elevate the quality of care with simple custom-branded activity books that provide cognitive, emotional, and physical benefits to employees and seniors.

Experience the benefits of our engaging activity books and printable PDFs, which provide seniors with a means to stay sharp, engaged, and connected. Our carefully crafted publications are intended to assist you on your caregiving journey

Benefits for In-Home Care

Other in-home care companies are using the power of custom-branded puzzle books to drive results with their team, their clients, and their growing businesses.

Regular Brain Exercises

Social Engagement

Personalized Experience

Goal Setting and Tracking

Memory Recall

Teaching New Skills

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The Puzzle Experience


Seniors can now stay sharp and engaged with our exciting range of wellness-themed puzzles, including crosswords, word search, sudoku, and worduku, all specifically crafted to exercise their logic muscles.

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Colorful Fun

Expertly designed art projects and simple puzzles are tailored specifically for seniors living with cognitive decline, providing them with hours of entertainment and stimulation on various wellness themes.

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Wellness Program


Specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of seniors, our program guide goes above and beyond traditional dementia care activities to provide you with fresh, innovative, and easy-to-navigate ideas that will help you save time and achieve optimal results.

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We donate
to local nutrition assistance programs.

We deliver activity books in two different formats:


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