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Wellness Program Guide for Senior Communities

As a publisher of engaging content for seniors, we know it takes more than just reading books, coloring, and puzzle activities to keep senior citizens healthy and happy. That's why we produce a Wellness Program Guide in addition to our Puzzle Experience and Colorful Fun publications every month.

What is the Wellness Program Guide?

The Wellness Program Guide is a monthly guide for caregivers including community event ideas and dementia care activities designed to keep your senior community engaged and active.

Designed to be quickly navigated, the Wellness Program Guide helps caregivers and senior engagement consultants save time while providing easy-to-run, plug-and-play programming. Used in conjunction with our publications, the Wellness Program Guide builds entertaining activities based on the monthly themes in the Puzzle Experience and Colorful Fun. The program builds on our 2023 themes of travel and is packed with ideas and activities to help you engage and stimulate your seniors.

Why is the Wellness Program Guide Important?

The guide delivers fresh event ideas and dementia care activities to your team each month, allowing you to stay up-to-date and engaged with your community.

Movement tips are crucial for seniors as they age, as they can help maintain flexibility, strength, and balance, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. The Wellness Program Guide provides easy-to-follow exercises, including low-impact cardio, stretching, and strength-building movements.

The guide also includes essential nutrition tips to help seniors maintain a balanced and healthy diet, including ideas for fresh, whole foods and easy-to-prepare meals. Good nutrition can help boost energy levels and improve overall health, leading to a better quality of life for seniors.

Finally, the Wellness Program Guide includes mindfulness tips, which are critical for maintaining mental and emotional well-being. Meditation, deep breathing, and mindfulness exercises can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep quality, and boost overall mood.


The Wellness Program Guide is an excellent addition to our publications to help your senior community stay engaged and active. With easy-to-run events and dementia care programming, wellness-focused content, and fresh ideas each month, the guide is a valuable resource to help keep your community healthy and happy.


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