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Custom-Branded Publications 

Beautiful promotional tools designed to grow your client base, grow your program membership and stand out.

The Puzzle Experience

Engage with prospective clients aged 55-75 who use puzzles and games to stay sharp. 
Each book is packed with crosswords, word searches, mazes, trivia, sudoku, and more.

Wellness Program Guide

Show your employees that your organization provides the tools they need to be successful.

Branded for your organization, the program guide delivers fresh event ideas and dementia care activities to your team each month. 

Colorful Fun Customized!

Designed for folks 70-95 who are struggling with cognition, this publication provides hours of coloring and accessible stimulation on wellness themes.

Do your seniors just like one puzzle type?

2023 Publication Themes


Every month we pick fun topics from the themes below to guide our creation of publications that seniors love. It's not enough to print random brain games—you have to create publications that engage the mind if you want to stimulate the brain.

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